Voluntary Social Service Program

Jobs Abroad Africa offers a Voluntary Social Service Program of 12 month duration with focus on work experience in the non-profit sector. This highly attractive program will give you a comprehensive experience of Intercultural Learning.

We aim to foster your responsibility for the community in which we live and develop new competencies. You will make full-time work experiences abroad and learn from professionals. Working fields range from education, social work, environment, healthcare and culture.


Ideal Profile for a Volunteer

You should be motivated to go abroad and open for a completely new experience. There will be a new culture with a new language in a totally new surrounding and in addition to that you will work eight hours a day. Therefore you should be outgoing, flexible and be ready to live independently on your own abroad.

It is desirable that candidates have a proven interest and first experience in the working field. This can either be through (voluntary) work or internships in their home countries or through university studies.

Candidates with a Bachelor or Master’s Degree are especially welcome to apply. It will be a great chance for them to combine a year abroad with the opportunity to gather work experiences and learn about their future professional opportunities.

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